Ugly to Upholstered

Coffee Table Before

Coffee Table "Before"

After my end table was completed – something bad happened. . .  my   coffee table stood out like a sore thumb.

I always knew it was an ugly piece. It had been my grandmother’s – and I’m sure it was a lovely table when she owned it, but 50 years later and after surviving my college days at Bucknell it definitely was showing its age.  It not only had regular wear and tear but all sorts of scars from albeit fun evenings when it doubled as a makeshift beer pong or quarters table.

Although I had extra paint left over, I really didn’t want a matchy matchy piece and decided to hit the internet for inspiration.  After searching quite a bit for ideas – I came across this post on how to make an upholstered table on Young House Love.  The step by step instructions from another blogger – Kara from Kara Paslay Designs seemed to make this undertaking look actually accomplishable for a newbie like me.

So here’s a look at my table before and stay tuned to see my finished piece – and the changes and adjustments I made to the design tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Ugly to Upholstered

    • It was my first time – and I think I just got lucky. I did have to play with the corners quite a bit until I got them to sit just so. Not too bad – but if you find any good tips or tricks feel free to pass them this newbie’s way!

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