Ugly to Upholstered – Finished Table!

So finally got my pictures taken and uploaded and I’m ready to show off my finished coffee table from my post Ugly to Upholstered. Here’s a picture of the “before” in case you didn’t catch my post on Monday – basically this table has seen a lot of wear and tear and was in need of some serious TLC.

Coffee Table Before

Coffee Table "Before"

After finding some great inspiration on some fellow blogs – I got to work. Here is the brief play by play but please check out  for a detailed tutorial on Young House Love.

1) Take off table legs
2) Drill holes through the table where you like to put the buttons
3) Add 3/4″ foam to top of table
4) Cut batting and top foam with batting with about 2″ to wrap around edges
5) Staple batting to the back of the piece to hold foam in place
6) Cut fabric to the same size as the batting
7 ) Wrap fabric overtop of batting and staple to back – make sure to pull as tight at possible to create sleek edges
8) Create covered buttons out of extra fabric – super easy if you’ve never tried just buy a kit and follow the directions 🙂
9) Thread buttons through finished table pulling taught to create the indentation  and create a tufted look

Again – these are super generic steps but you get how easy it actually is to create such a cool piece. I can honestly say, it was so easy to create a piece that looks really elegant.  Don’t forget to check out  Young House Love  for more details!

Completed Coffee Table

Ugly to Upholstered


3 thoughts on “Ugly to Upholstered – Finished Table!

  1. Thanks Valerie – I did use a kit. When I’m home I’ll check out the package and let you know which brand. It was so easy and I think really made the piece!

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