It’s My Fault

Meg enjoying the tulips

So a few days ago I blogged about just how excited I was to go to the Washington Home and Garden Show in light of my recent DIY endeavors. I convinced two friends – Kate and Meg to come along with me and promised them fun, excitement and inspiration. With all our plans for the weekend – we didn’t end up getting to the show until about an hour before the show ended. No problem I thought. I was sadly very wrong. . . See unfortunately all of the great programming ended at 3:00pm, just about when we showed up.  Next, all of the other exhibitors there were mostly hawking new windows, saunas, appliances – generally things I am not looking for currently as a renter. Also, windows, saunas and appliances were not what Kate and Meg thought they were getting in to. With that being said – my bad. I should have looked at the program and figured out all we would be missing out on and then got our butts moving earlier. I can’t blame the show and will definitely check it out next year – this time in a more timely manner.

Room with a View

Garden exhibits, although limited were still impressive

Fear not – I still took a few good pictures and Meg got her ring cleaned by an infomercial like man who did really impress us.

Meg's Clean Ring

Meg's ring - all cleaned up!


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