Growing in a Small Space

Macey and Flowers

Macey inspecting the flowers

I love where I live – but let’s just say space is at a premium, especially outside.I have a small balcony that’s not much more than a fire escape – but hey it’s something.

It’s just big enough for two small chairs and a table but not much else.   The size, along with the plain steel construction doesn’t inspire any secret garden like magic.  Last year, I tried to change this. I installed some window boxes and put up some lantern lights around the railing. Although improved – it still lacks something.

So this weekend I got to work investigating gardening ideas for small spaces like my own and came across one in particular that I just loved – a vertical garden created out of an old pallet from Life on the Balcony. Problem solved.

Saturday I got to work finding a pallet (ok Justin did this) and headed off to get all the necessary supplies and pick out plants.  I’ve also found an addition that I am going to make to the original design with some leftover chalkboard paint that I think will really bring it together.

Stay tuned – pictures and instructions of the completed piece to come.


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