Coffee Friendly Coffee Table

Since I’ve gone ahead and upholstered my coffee table – it’s put me in a pickle. How do I use my coffee table to well, hold coffee?  I’m so concerned that one drip will ruin my pretty piece.

I’m thinking a tray or two is definitely the way to go. Although, I most likely won’t get to tackle this project this weekend as I’m attending the Clinton Global Initiative where I will not only get to see Former President Clinton speak but also Jon Stewart (eek so excited) coupled with Justin’s birthday and puppy sitting, I have started looking for some inspiration.

Here’s some ideas to get me started:

Chevron Table Tray

Chevron Tray from 2modernblog

This first chevron painted piece from 2modernblog is awesome – not sure if it will be too much with the pattern on my table already. I think if I do it in a nice white and tan combo instead of the white and red pictured here I might just be able to pull it off. Thoughts?

Young and Crafty Wood Tray

Wood Tray from Young and Crafty

The second from Young and Crafty would match nicely but I’m not sure if it is too country for my living room.

Mirror Tray

Mirror Tray from Lisa's Creative Designs

This piece repurposes an old mirror into a tray and although I would most likely use a darker wood frame and some handles from my favorite handle/knob place Anthropologie, this design from Lisa’s Creative Design might be just what I’m looking for.

Favorites? Other ideas? Remember it is going on this table.


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