Coming Home

View from my home

With my work putting on a huge conference – the United Way Community Leaders Conference coming up next week and finals for Georgetown University’s Masters in Public Relations and Communications program well underway  – I haven’t been making it home lately, well at least not until very late in the evening.  An unintended consequence of this is my blog, on DIY and interior decorating of my home has been lagging – because well, you can’t fix up your home if you’re not home.

But – good news, this will be stopping soon – I’m coming home.

This week, I’ll actually have a few nights off and am thinking about tackling my very plain, almost unfurnished dining room. It’s got a table and that’s about it.  Ideas are whirling as we speak – and I’ll definitely blog about that shortly. But in the meantime, I wanted to make sure all the local folks knew about the Georgetown House Tour which I’ll be helping out with this weekend.  My mother, aunt and I have been attending for the past two years, and this year – I’ll be a docent, showing people around these spectacular historic homes.

The tour is this Saturday, April 28th and the oldest house tour in the country, showcasing the beautiful homes around the Georgetown neighborhood. No, my apartment is not on it, but perhaps one day. A girl can dream! If you are looking for more information – here’s a great article about it up on  Andrea Rodger’s Ask Miss A and you can also check out the Tour’s website for more detailed information and to grab tickets.

Don’t forget to stop by St. John’s Episcopal Church along the way for a nice little stop to rest and relax and enjoy some tea, tea sandwiches and desserts from  2 p.m. until 5 p.m.


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