Barre3 Provides Inspiration for Body and Interior Design

Although I’m usually blogging about my DIY projects and interior design of my own apartment, today I stray.

I’ve recently started attending Barre3  – a fusion of ballet, Pilates and yoga that opened up a new studio along the Georgetown Waterfront – and I’m obsessed.

A Beautiful Space for a Workout

Exposed Brick, Stone and Wood Beams Make for a Beautiful Space

Up until recently, cross-country and track and field have been my sport of choice – competing on Bucknell University’s teams throughout college and running the Houston and Philadelphia Marathons as of late. But before I was a runner – I was a ballerina.  Growing up, for nearly 11 years I danced my little pants off in tap, jazz, ballet and pointe . . .  so my first time at Barre3, it didn’t surprise me that I was instantly transported back to my ballet days. I quickly remembered how the art has a unique way of challenging you, relaxing you and connecting you to every inch of your body. And although I do not know the last time I did a plié, the first time we bent our knees in class and dipped down it instantly made me feel graceful and rekindled my past love for ballet. I’ve been going for just over a week now –and I’m totally hooked.

And aside from the workout, which of course should be your number one reason for attending any sort of class- there’s another reason to love Barre3 in Georgetown – especially if you’re reading my blog – which of course, you are . . . its design.

Barre3 is located right along Georgetown’s waterfront, so even the walk down should inspire you with the view of the Potomac as make your way along Wisconsin Ave to its front door on K Street.  Once you enter you’re overwhelmed by the beautiful mix of historic and modern. The historic side comes through in the exposed brick walls and beautiful beams that are showcased throughout the building. The lounge area even has an original fireplace. Barre3 resides on the ground floor of the Old Dodge Warehouse, said to be one of the oldest buildings in DC.  This design which highlights the buildings old bones, was not only created for its aesthetic appeal but also due to constraints in converting the site explained in further depth on the Georgetown Dish.

The original feel is blended with sleek cork floors, mirrors, glass and furniture with clean lines.  Track lighting mounted on the ceiling changes throughout the class to set the mood. The lighting combined with music piping through Bose speakers creates an amazing overall feeling that adds a calming aspect to the class and leaves you walking away feeling relaxed and refreshed.

But don’t be fooled by the stunning space and tranquil feel. It does not equate to a sweat free zone. Instead, be prepared to work every muscle in a space that at least makes you feel right at home.


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