Currently Coveting: Fun Summer Drinkware

Usually this posting is about things I’m coveting for my place, but today I have a confession to make – I’ve already made the purchase.

See I’ve been wanting to host a Marg Party (read margaritas and some Mexican food) for awhile now but have been looking for just the right occasion.  And now, with my lovely roommate Jamie leaving for the summer to go to Panama, I decided that a farewell party is in order. Cue the margaritas!

I decided on these bright neon yellow glasses from Crate and Barrel.  The color is what sold me but I also love that they are handmade out of Mexican recycled glass. I also love the thickness and weight of them – not to light but not going to make my hand cramp up mid-margarita.   I’m hoping they are a simple way to add a big splash to the table and I’m looking forward to testing them out tonight.

Crate and Barrel Yellow Margarita Glasses

Crate and Barrel Zest Margarita Glasses


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