Did It Myself

So hold on to your seats – it is my first time really trying out this DIY stuff.

Sure, I’ve done some crafting in my day, but never really gotten into the larger scale projects. However, last week I attended an event hosted by the Junior League of Washington called Tossed to FabulousThis evening, which proceeds their annual Tossed and Found fundraiser (more on this event in an upcoming post) showcased DC designer Matt Swingly of McMaster Wallace Interiors. For an hour we munched on some appetizers while Matt showed us how to take old pieces and breathe new life into them  – and on a budget.

As I watched Matt work his magic, I thought about a poor little table that was sitting down in my storage unit. It was rescued from one of those Free Curb Alerts on Craigslist and had been just gathering dust for the past few months.

So this weekend, I went downstairs and grabbed the piece – determined to make a difference (and hopefully on the cheap).

Here are some before shots so you really know what I was working with – sit down – it’s not pretty.

Beaten Up Side Table Before Picture

My poor rescued side table

My first step was to give the whole piece a good wipe down – taking off all the grime that had been collecting.

Next, I moved on to remove some pieces of trip from the table. Matt taught me not to be afraid to rip off pieces you don’t like – or in this case even out parts that have been damaged. By removing the small trim seen below from a few sections, and then sanding them down, it made the piece look clean and not beat up.

Another view of my side table before

Another Before Shot

Wood Trim Removed

Trim that I removed to clean up the lines

Next, I got to sanding – which I am fairly certain is going to be my least favorite part of these types of projects. Does anyone out there actually enjoy sanding?

After giving it another good wipe down, I got to painting it my new favorite color – see my post earlier today, Paint It Gray if you are intrigued to learn more. I chose to go with Behr in Anonymous. After about 3 good coats I was pleased with how it was covering and loved the clean crisp color.

Last, I removed those lame-o knobs and really pulled the piece together by adding some amazing new ones from Anthropolgie. These Libson Knobs not only coordinated with my room but I thought the deep blue and lighter green really complimented the piece.

So here’s the finished project – let me know what you think and please let me know if you have any tips or tricks for me next time!

Finished Table After

Finished table all dolled up


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